Q. How do I access the digital directory?

A. First, you need to pay membership dues of $15 (one membership per family)

Then, download the Membership Toolkit App.

-If you already paid dues, have the app, and have access to another district school on the app, but don't see the Hommocks directory:

-click the menu icon at the top left of the screen, then click the circle icon at the top right to allow you to toggle between schools


Q. How do I notify the school if my child will be absent or late?

A. Click this form to report both absences and late arrivals, or call 914-220-3350 so that it can be noted on their attendance record. Your child can enter school through the Pool entrance if arriving late. The Pool entrance is accessible through the main parking area on Hommocks Road, next to the ice rink, and is labeled as "Pool" They will be asked to sign in by the greeter.


Q. How do I pick up my child early from school?

A. Click this same form (or call 914-220-3350) to notify the school of any early pick ups so that it can be marked on their attendance record. You must enter the school at the Pool entrance. The greeter will ask for your ID and will then call to locate your child. Note that if they are transitioning from one class to another, or are at lunch/recess, it can take a while to locate them. If possible, let your child know what time you will be picking them up and plan according to the bell schedule. If you are planning on having a babysitter/relative/neighbor pick up your child, they must be listed as an "emergency contact." You can update your emergency contact information on the parent portal.


Q. How do I drop off something my child forgot to bring to school?

A. You can drop off whatever your child needs (eg. water bottle, lunch box, gym/swim clothes) with the Greeter at the Pool entrance. Please label everything!


Q. How can I find out my child’s schedule?

A. Log onto eSchool data via the Parent Portal. Under the “My Students” menu, click on your child’s ID number. Then click on “schedule” tab to access their schedule. The daily Hommocks bell schedule can be found here. 


Q. How do I drop off my child when I have to drop off a younger sibling at the same time?

A. The cafeteria is open every morning starting at 8:20am for breakfast. Students can also come in at 8:00am for WIN (extra help) hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 


Q. How can I check my child’s grades, progress reports, or attendance?

A. You can find all of this information on the Parent Portal.


Q. How do I receive communications directly from the school?

A. The school district uses ParentSquare to communicate directly with parents. If you do not currently have access to ParentSquare please use this form


Q. Where is the Hommocks Lost and Found?

A. The Lost and Found is at the Pool Entrance. Your child can check the Lost and Found office or you can ask the greeter to let you in.


Q. How does my child pay for school lunch?

A. Your child can pay for lunch electronically and you can manage the account online using the MySchoolBucks website and app. Set up an account here. Alternatively, they can pay cash. You may also qualify for reduced or free lunch. You can access the application form here (one per household) and scroll down to "Free and Reduced Price Meals Information & Forms"  and you can also email foodservice@mamkschools.org for assistance.


Q. How can my child get a district device/computer?

A. New for the '23-'24 school year, each child will be issued a district Chromebook in a protective case. They will be handed out during the first week of school. Note that students will no longer be allowed to use personal devices at school.


Q. Are there after-school sports at Hommocks?

A. Modified sports teams are available for kids in 7th and 8th grades. You will receive information about registering for tryouts. Note that you will need a current physical for your child to be eligible for tryouts. You can access the district athletics page with information on tryouts and registration here.


Q. Is my child eligible for transportation? Is there public transportation to Hommocks?

A. Your child is eligible for bus transportation if you live more than 2 miles, but less than 15 miles from Hommocks. You can access the district transportation site here. There are public buses available through Beeline. Students are eligible for reduced fare cards by using this form. And you can access Beeline bus maps here.


Q. How do I get in touch with my child during the day?

A. Please call the school office if you have an urgent message for your child (914) 220-3300.


Q. How can my child get extra help in a class?

A. Hommocks offers early morning extra help sessions, known as WIN, starting at 8:00 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Teachers are also available for extra help after school from 3:05-3:20pm. Your child can drop in for help in any class during that time. In addition, high school tutors are available in the Hommocks library for all subjects on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:10-3:45 through the A.C.E. Tutoring program.


Q. Who should I talk to at school if I have specific concerns about my child?

A. You can reach out to individual teachers and school counselors directly on ParentSquare or by email. School counselors handle social emotional concerns, as well as issues that may impact learning. Learn more about the Hommocks counseling team here. You can find all building contacts here 


Q. Can I attend Board of Education Meetings?

A. Yes! The Board of Education (BOE) meets regularly and public attendance is highly encouraged. Click here for more info on the BOE and here for meeting information.


Q. How can I join the PTA?

A. We are always looking for parents and caregivers to get involved. Your membership dues allow us to fund cultural programming, teacher/classroom grants, scholarships for equitable access to extracurricular programs, teacher/staff appreciation initiatives, and student parties and celebrations throughout the year. We can only support these programs with volunteers like you! Click here to join and find out about volunteer opportunities.